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Village Hall Refurbishment

Posted on March 31, 2018 by High Halstow Parish Council (Published for 2 months)

The Village Hall Pages are being brought up to date so apologies for any inconvenience

Hall Home.              The Hall.             Location.            Activities.            Administration.              History.

Village Hall Refurbishment

Please click here to find out what is happening with regard to the Village Hall Refurbishment

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Village Hall Administration

Posted on March 31, 2018 by High Halstow Parish Council (Published for 2 months)

The Village Hall Pages are being brought up to date so apologies for any inconvenience

Hall Home.              The Hall.             Location.            Activities.            Administration.              History.


Charity Number

Charities Commission Number 1060866


The conveyance agreement for the Village Hall can be viewed by clicking here

Village Hall Accounts

The Village Hall Committee are pleased to say the accounts for the Hall can be viewed here

* 2016/172015/16 * 2014/15 * 2013/142012/132011/12 * 2010/11 * 2009/10 * 2008/09 *

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Closure of Deangate

Posted on February 11, 2018 by High Halstow Parish Council Comment (Published for 3 months)

Kelly Tolhurst, MP for Rochester & Strood joins the fight to help campaigners on the peninsula to stop the sale of Deangate Ridge Golf Course. Kelly can be seen here on KMTV arguing her point.

Chairman of High Halstow Parish Council, George Crozer was interviewed by KMTV and gave his honest thoughts on the position we find ourselves here on the peninsula.

Councillor Doe also gave an interview on KMTV on the closure but omitted to explain that the Council had not been maintaining the course in the past few years thus leading to this decision.
An online petition to “Save Deangate Ridge” has been signed over 3000 times by the public since Thursday 1 February 2018. The number of signatories continues to rise and final figure was emailed to all members of the Cabinet the morning of the Cabinet meeting.

The petition can be found by clicking here

If you have signed the petition online then you must VERIFY by emailing deangateridgepetitionverification@outlook.com

If you have not signed the petition yet, please sign before Thursday 15th February. A petition pack can be found at:

Deangate Golf club
The Hoo institute
Chris’s hair salon opposite TESCO extra on Frindsbury Hill.
The Coop Hoo
The Red Dog High Halstow.
Bradfords Garage sharnel street
Cliffe community Centre
The village shop High Halstow
Please let us know if you can take a pack for people to sign.

Deangate Ridge Golf Course is important for the whole community. Please help us stop the sale for land development.

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Save Deangate Ridge Golf Club

Posted on February 4, 2018 by High Halstow Parish Council Comments3 (Published for 4 months)

Overview & Scrutiny Committee Meeting March 12th St Georges Centre

March 2018

Closure of Deangate Golf Course

Please sign the petition to Save Deangate Ridge Golf Course by clicking here

Today a letter has been sent to the Cabinet Members and Ward Councillors requesting a postponement due to various breaches of Corporate Governance.


Message from George Crozer, High Halstow Parish Chairman

Thank you to everyone that came to Deangate Ridge on Saturday. It was fitting that a large number of us (circa 200 did someone count?) were children. This is all about them and their future. The next big opportunity for us to collectively shout loudly will be on Tuesday at 4.15pm at the Council offices Gun Wharf. Ron Sands, Hoo Parish Council, has organised a coach to take people in and bring them back. The coach will leave the village Hall in Hoo around 15.40 pm If you have transport and are prepared to take someone please start your journey from the Village Hall at around 15.40pm too George. Any problems call me 07711 432598

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Open Letter sent to Cabinet

Posted on February 2, 2018 by High Halstow Parish Council Comment1 (Published for 4 months)

Dear Cllr Jarrett and Members of the Cabinet
It is with great anger that the people of the Hoo Peninsula have learnt of the proposed closure of Deangate Ridge Golf Course on 31 March 2018, to be decided by Medway Council’s Cabinet on 6 February (Gun Wharf, 5.00pm). We have also seen the proposal by your Assets Department on your website that it be sold to make way for 1,600 houses.

You are due to consult the people of Medway on your new draft Local Plan from 16 March-11 May this year, details of which are not yet published nor, we understand, available to councillors. It therefore seems wholly inappropriate that the fate of such a major, public-owned resource should be determined immediately prior to this defining consultation for Medway. We are left to presume that development of the golf course does indeed figure strongly in your housing plans, and that seeking to close it prior to the public consultation is no accident of timing but a way of sealing its fate prior to us having our say.

We are therefore urging all members of Cabinet, as a matter of democracy, to delay any decision about the golf course and to allow it to remain open until the public has had a chance to see and comment on the draft Local Plan. Surely we, the people of Medway, deserve to have the chance to offer our views on how a valuable asset that we effectively own might feature in our future?

Yours sincerely

George Crozer
Chair, High Halstow Parish Council

John Tildesley
Chair, Hoo St Werburgh Parish Council

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Medway’s Air Quality Action Plan

Posted on November 13, 2017 by High Halstow Parish Council Comment (Published for 6 months)

Have your say on Medway’s air quality

Medway Council is asking residents what they think about the air quality in Medway. Do you think it’s good? Or does it affect you or your family and if so, what could be done to improve it?

Your views will help us highlight ways we can all use to improve Medway’s air quality.  Complete our air quality online survey @ airqualitysurvey. The survey takes 5 minutes to finish and as a thank you for completing the survey, all respondents will be entered into a draw to win one of two £25 love2shop vouchers

All your answers will be confidential and any names and email addresses provided as part of the draw or for requesting further information, will be separated from the survey answers.

Engagement days

Alternatively, come and tell us what you think (your comments will be confidential). On Thursday, 16 November we will be at the following libraries:

Rainham Library 9am – 10am

Chatham Library 10.30am – 11.30am

Strood Library 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Hoo Library 3pm – 4pm

Air quality – the background

Clean air is important for our health and for the environment. Urban air pollution has a long history and in the past has generally been caused by industrial and domestic sources. Today, the biggest source of air pollution in the UK is from road traffic and this is the case in Medway.
The assessment of local air quality has shown that in Medway levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are above the health-based objectives set out by the Government. Therefore, Medway Council declared three Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in 2010:

  • Central Medway;
  • High Street, Rainham;
  • Pier Road, Gillingham.

Medway has published its proposed measures to improve local air quality.

The Air Quality Action Plan outlines a number of measures aimed at improving local air quality by reducing levels of nitrogen dioxide to acceptable levels.

These are:

  • Promoting cycling and walking;
  • Promotion of car sharing;
  • Encouraging greater use of public transport;
  • Improving freight movement;
  • Traffic management schemes;
  • Development planning;
  • Promotion of health awareness and air quality issues;
  • Procurement of low emission vehicles;
  • Travel planning to reduce the number of journeys;
  • Improving emissions from vehicles.

 The Air Quality Action was formally adopted by Cabinet on 15 December 2015.

Article from Medway Council

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