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Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall

If you are interested in booking the Memorial Hall for a party, function, meeting etc please contact Angela Forward 01634 251756

Memorial Hall History

Most Memorial Halls are erected to remember those who have died, but High Halstow was fortunate to have most of the men return safely, from World War 1. So it was decided to build a Hall to acknowledge this, which makes this hall rather special. The people of the village wasted no time so in […] Read more

Memorial Hall Plaque

Click on the link below and you will find a photograph of the names the hall is dedicated to. This is not the original inscription as due to time had faded. A resident in the village, Irene Pearce, wrote this particular copy back in 2000 when the Hall was rededicated. Additional names were added to the second inscription to remember all who had come back. Click here to see the plaque

For a clear view of the names, photos and details click here

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