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Football Cage

The Parish Council are considering seeking funds to assist the installation of a football cage which will allow people to play football (five-a-side size) on an all weather surface. Before the Parish seek funding from additional sources which it will need to do comments are sought from the parishioners on the possible location of the football cage

Two possible solutions have already been identified as follows:

1        On the Recreation field joined up with the existing Kick Wall.

Advantage – part of the facility is there already

Disadvantage – lack of lighting in the darker evenings

2        On the grass area between Wilcon and Abbey estates

Advantage – may be able to be located near existing street lighting

Disadvantage – away from the main recreational facilities within the village

Should you have any comments please either

1        email the editor@highhalstow.org.uk

2        leave comments on this page

3        send your comments to the Parish Clerk

Parish Council

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13 Responses to Football Cage

  1. Kaz says:

    Why, exactly, does the Parish Council believe that the people of High Halstow need a football cage anyway? We haven’t had our views sought about whether a cage is needed let alone about where one should be sited.
    If there is a genuine need, surely it should be sited at the Recreation Ground which was left to the people of High Halstow for that very purpose and where car-parking, toilets and potentially, changing facilities in the hall are all readily available.
    Could the Parish Council not speak to Medway Council and consider the option of using Deangate where facilities, including lighting are also readily available?

  2. Keith and Yvonne says:

    If the council wish to apply for funds for a football-cage it should be located central to the other sports facilities. To locate the a football-cage between the Abbey and Wilcon estate would spoil what is a quite area where children of all ages can play quite safely. Should the cage be used in the evening this would lead to light and noise pollution for those living nearby.

  3. Peter & Jan says:

    We fully support the sentiments expressed by the writer in April HHT. The installation of a football cage in the village is an ill-conceived plan.If money is available far better to improve the lighting and football facilities on the Recreation ground.This area is specially designated for the whole community for sport, relaxation and play. The suggestion that the grass area between Wilcon & Abbey Estates might be considered is a non-starter.Alongside other objections we would add that it is very poorly lit and the residents of the two estates pay for its upkeep. We thank those who serve the community on the Parish Council but suggest they concentrate on providing appropriate needs to benefit the whole community.

  4. Gary Thomas says:

    Will the person starting comment today
    ‘Frankly I don’t see the need’ please let us have their name for our records. Like the HHT we will not publish it if you do not want it published. Please either republish comment or can you lt me have the details gary@highhhalstow.org,uk. Unfortunately I cannot publish without details

    • Chris says:

      I feel a Football Cage will significantly reduce the quality of life for residents living nearby due to noise levels, litter and the behaviour of it’s users.

  5. Lesley & Jodie says:

    I would also like it noted that I support entirely the points already mentioned above especially those concerning the insufficient lighting at the Gypsy Way location, H & S issues and damage to local property. In addition, I am concerned about the level of noise pollution that would affect the many local families with young children and I fear locating the cage in Gypsy Way would bring unwelcome behaviour to an otherwise peaceful area.

    Finally I wonder if the Parish Council have considered how they might compensate the residents, adjacent to the said area, who bought their properties with the pleasant surroundings including the attractive open green space.

  6. David says:

    If the football cage is to be supported:

    Option 1 (recreation area) has advantages
    1 Central to village
    2 Co-located with other similar facilities
    3 No lighting will stop it being used at night and disturbing neighbours

    Option 2 only has dissadvantages
    1 Health and Safety issues of playing football with Insufficient lighting
    2 Noise to existing quite area will be ongoing through day and the night causing severe disturbance to neighbours
    3 Destroy existing ‘Green’ area (I cant see how this would get Planning Permission positioned in such a location)
    4 Away from centre of village
    5 Away from similar facilities

    • Keith says:

      I have no issue with a cage but it should be located in the park where football, basketball and general play already takes place. The area between Abbey and Wilcon is densely residential and would cause many issues for local residents, in particular the noise.

      As for lighting, I really do not think it should be considered, the current facilities do not have lighting, are not used in the dark and this is not a problem. Night time use of the park and lighting would be detrimental to its rural nature and current attraction.

  7. Julie and Alan says:

    We are also in total agreement with all the comments against the proposed installation of a football cage which would literally be on our doorstep.
    I believe that everyone living within earshot to this area would have their lives completely turned upside down with the constant noise and parking problems.
    This area was left for the two estates to use as a recreational area otherwise houses would have been built on it.I cannot for one minute understand how the Parish Council would think that any residents would be happy about having this built here.
    I am sure that funds could be used on a more important project

  8. Sue says:

    There is already a recreation area that can and should be used for playing football. When we are in financial crisis as a nation I find the very idea that the Parish Council are ‘considering seeking funds to assist the installation of a football cage’ irresponsible; such a cage will cause upset for the people living with it and will result in further costs to the Parish Council for it’s upkeep. Any money available should be spent on the upkeep of the existing facilities.
    The local authority already have several sights in Medway where football can be played in all weather. Parents that wish their children to play football in a cage should transport them to the venues and not expect to have one supplied on their doorstep.
    If the recreation ground cannot be used to play football when the weather has been bad and the ground is wet, perhaps young people and their parents should considered diversifying; as their are other sports available.

  9. Mr and Mrs Mayes says:

    I am in total agreement with all the comments against the proposed installation of football cages so far posted. With regard to even considering to situate the cage on the open space between Wilcon Homes and Abbey homes is totally ludicrous. The lighting is totally insufficient anyway, the noise of the constant drone of footballs, and the possible damage to property and vehicles from the ball leaving the cage is the tip of the iceberg. Have the Parish Council even considered the decrease in value of properties nearby? -These cages would surely put off any prospective buyers and make existing residents lives hell.

  10. t Robertson says:

    Having experienced living close to one of these football cages , i can assure anybody that nuisance noise is a big concern for properties close by the constant banging of footballs will drive people insane. This application should be thrown out asap, Living close to the recreation ground and already having to endure abusive language and noise from an out of village football team i would like my objections to be noted at the earliest .

  11. Tony Belsey says:

    If the issue of lighting could be resolved the obvious site should be the Recreation ground. This site would not cause any issues such as noise, which I am sure would be of concern for the neighbouring properties at the alternative Wilcon / Abbey location.

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