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7 Mile Run on the Marshes

We have a keen runner in the village and he would like to be able to run approximately 7 miles around the marshes starting and finishing in High Halstow

Does anyone know of a suitable route in order to assist him?

Any help greatly appreciated

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  1. High Halstow Parish Council says:

    Information provided regarding request re 7 mile run

    To do that sort of length run I think it has to include the marshes below St Mary’s. In fact I think the best run would start from St Mary’s (see below) but if it has to be from the village then I would suggest:

    From the recreation ground across Brittania Rd onto the footpath at Deadman’s Corner and to Clinch St. turning left onto the road

    Take the footpath to the right where Clinch St turns left (S-bend) across to St Mary’s.

    Bear left when this hits Hall Rd at St Mary’s and follow this footpath all the way to the sea wall which it joins at St Mary’s Bay.

    Turn left along the seawall and along to the corner of Egypt Bay. Turn left off seawall to follow ash surfaced track to Swigshole (this track has some dodgy holes in it which are readily seen if you are on the look out for them but could be a problem if not). The track becomes a narrow road at that point and could be followed up Decoy Hill taking a right shortly after the top of that to follow the path back to Forge Common in the village and back to the Recreation Ground. Alternatively at Swigshole one could turn left along the edge of the marsh turning right after 500m and taking the reverse route through St Mary’s with a bit of variety added in at the end by going back via Forge Common. The road route would be about 7 miles.This alternative might be closer to 8.

    If they wished to stay completely of the road then I would start from St Mary’s where a terrific run down and around the marshes could be organised – some of my favourite walking. Depending on the numbers they might need to speak to the MacLeans about parking in the farm yard.

    Whichever route is chosen it would make a lot of sense to speak with these farmers first to determine if there might be any problems with livestock. All this can be done on public footpaths but cattle with calves can be startled and defensive.

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