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Broadband In High Halstow

I am working with colleagues on supporting a bid for improving broadband infrastructure in Kent and Medway. The Hoo Peninsula is likely to be the focus of work in Medway, as the rural area will be a low priority for market investment by the telecoms industry.

The bid is to the Broadband Delivery UK fund set up by the government to progress its ambitions for superfast broadband infrastructure set out in its strategy document published in December 2010. A key element of the BDUK fund is to tackle ‘digital exclusion’, that is the poor levels of broadband connections found in many areas, which particularly affects rural communities.

I would like to seek your help in gathering information about broadband services in your parish, along the following lines:

– the nature/quality of current broadband connection

– the impact that this is having on local residents and businesses (currently and in future)

– a statement of support for the Broadband Delivery UK bid

You may have specific issues that you may like to raise in relation to how you use/need broadband in relation to parish council business. I know that broadband connections are problems for some villages on the peninsula and hope that you may be able to help in supporting this bid.

The timescale for this work is incredibly tight and the bid needs to be submitted in mid April. I therefore need any responses by 8 April. We do not need detailed data, but any information that helps us to evidence the nature of the problem in rural Medway, and how improvements could benefit village communities and businesses would be very helpful.

We are planning to report on the funding bid and the associated issues to a meeting of the Rural Liaison Committee later this year.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me. Similarly, if you would like any information on the bidding process, content and the government’s broadband strategy, please let me know.

Please can you assist in this process by logging your comments on this website

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that your council will be able to help in this issue.



Catherine Smith – Medway Council




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16 Responses to Broadband In High Halstow

  1. Margaret Shuter says:

    We are pensioners and therefore do not rely on broadband for a business. Having said that we use broadband quite a lot. On occassions this can be very frustrating when trying to log on and having to wait quite a considerable time to be connected and subsequently going very slow. It would be so nice just to be able to get on with whatever and then finish instead of having to walk away from the computer and come back some time later.

  2. trevor Jones says:

    Being of advanced years and not very knowledgable about these modern day technological mysteries I have to admit that any input from me regarding strengths etc of my signal would be open to debate. However, I will say it takes an age. The other thing I’ll is that I know several of the contributors on this matter and am extremely grateful to them for confirming what has been secretly bugging me for some considerable time.

  3. Gary Thomas says:

    My workplace encourages working from home but I cannot guarantee that the speed of the internet makes it suitable on a regular basis, especially during the day. Improving the capability of working from home would reduce the traffic on the roads which is something we should be striving to achieve

  4. vicki says:

    We frequently have problems with broadband speed and have also had BT Openreach to try and improve the speed. This does not seem to work in this area. We desperately need faster broadband on the Peninsula.

  5. Amanda says:

    Just a quick note in support of the broadband issue on the Peninsula. As residents
    of St. Mary Hoo and also working from home, we currently have a speed of 0.246 of
    1mb (sooooo slow) and have had BT Openreach out many a time to try and improve
    things (to no avail). Similarly, no other ISP will touch us with a barge pole as our
    line speed is so poor.

    Good luck with it!



  6. Robert Maclean says:

    I live at St. Mary’s Hoo where we frequently have to have Openreach in the village to sort out broadband problems. I use mybroadbandspeed.co.uk occasionally to check our broadband speed, and over the last month download speeds have ranged from 451kbps down to 331kbps. Upload speeds have ranged from 340kbps to 268kbps. Much of our communications, particularly government dapartments has to be onlline these days. The excuse for these poor speeds is that we are a long way from the exchange. We desperately need faster broadband as soon as possible.

  7. Russell Lister says:

    Broadband in this area is pathetically slow. I use broadband a lot and I have had my computer serviced to try and speed it up without avail. We NEED faster broadband here,just as much as urban areas.

  8. Gwen Bucknall says:

    Having been used to very fast broadband speeds in the workplace, I am totally frustrated by the excruciatingly slow broadband speeds we get in the High Halstow area. We have a business telephone line and each month pay for BT broadband which should allow us to reach speeds of up to 8Mb. We have paid Open Reach to do all they can at the exchange and within the confines of our property to increase the speed, but due to the very poor local infrastructure, we can only achieve download speeds of 968 Kbps and upload speeds of 331 Kbps which is totally inadequate for many needs. The local exchange in Hoo is too far away from our house; it is outdated and BT currently have no plans to upgrade it; all cabling in the area is old. My husband owns a local company for which he requires rapid broadband speeds, but has to manage the best he can with a snail’s pace. I am now retired, chair a local society and have many interests which necessitate working and researching on the internet. In spite of having a high spec. computer, I find it appallingly and frustratingly slow. Sittingbourne and small villages such as Iwade have managed to get a fantastically improved infrastructure, so please, please can the same be done for the Medway Towns and High Halstow, we need it!

  9. Sue Ahmad says:

    The broadband speed we suffer in High Halstow is .5 extremly slow and frustrating. I have had BT up twice and asked them to change the wiring from the main line outside which is very old. I am awaiting this being done.

  10. Raymond Collins says:

    I believe the broadband in High Halstow has become worse in recent years probably due to the increase in population and users. I could get a down load speed of Imbps (which is not great) but it is very rare to attain this at any reasonable time of day – now only in the small hours of the morning. Average download speed is between 500-600kbps and upload 100 – 170kbps.

    This is restrictive when trying to run a business from home as my son does building websites etc

  11. Colin Turner says:

    I would support any move to improve the broadband access here in HH. I am assured by my provider, AOL, the system has no faults but my router tells me I have a good connection to the line but what on earth happens after that – are we still ‘copper’ to the exchange or ‘fibre’? Drops out and inaccessibility continue at peak times. As an example it took two attempts to send this comment………..Although I’m not involved in running a business the world wants bills to be paid online and investment is required to make sure this happens.

  12. michael waller says:

    after months of complaining to my ISP (Orange) they sent me a new moden and arranges a BT visit this has uprated my broadband from 0.128Mg to 1.966mg . the Bt engineer assured me this is as fast as we will get with the current BT apperatus in situ. Ignore 8-20mg ads its not going to happen here!!!

  13. Lesley & Jodie says:

    The broadband service in High Halstow tends to be very eratic but mostly very poor, I run a security company and cannot view any video footage online without buffering problems, so am unable most of the time to do maintanence checks on customer cctv sites. It is rarely of a standard I would call suitable and this makes me wonder if the throttle is being turned down on busy times which proves there is not enough bandwidth capacity in the village. I have complained to my supplier many times but nothing really improves.

  14. Graham Cottle says:

    Broadband is “adequate” in Hoo. Beyond that, where the distance to the exchange is too great to support good broadband, it is not good. We made a small try to get something earlier on in the “Race to Infinity”. Now we need to try again. We should give full support to this plan. It does have an impact on anyone trying to run a business from home.

  15. Paul says:

    Can we get contact details for Catherine – email preferably.

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