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Chattenden Woods and Lodge Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

The Parish Council are pleased to say it received today a letter from Natural England detailing the news that they have reviewed the notification of Chattenden Woods SSSI and enlarged the SSSI boundary to include more land of special interest

The enlarged site is now known as Chattenden Woods and Lodge Hill SSSI and the notification takes effect immediately

To see the full letter please click here

George Crozer said

“A ¬†development on such a massive scale as Lodge Hill, demands very careful investigation prior to consent. ¬†Today (14th March 2013) English Nature announced it will designate the site as a “Site of Special Scientific Interest” (SSSI), because of its significant population of Nightingales. This highlights the lack of a thorough investigation into the suitability of the site for development.
I am fearful that the access to the site via one single route (A228), the impact on Junction 1 of the M2 (Cobham interchange) and other aspects of the proposals have received similarly scant attention.”


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One Response to Chattenden Woods and Lodge Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

  1. John Webb says:

    I was born at number one South Terrace, Lodge Hill 1949. My father was employed in the armament depot

    as plumber/controller, he had to read all the water meters of the water reservoirs in the area, namely the round tops, and upper Lodge Hill. He used to take me crossbar on his bike. A big puff, for him going uphill. but a glorious adventure on return. I have great memories living in Lodge Hill. As kids our entertainment/play was seasonal, spring and summer we played all day, and half of the night (parents ‘approval), and came home when hungry. We could catch the Lodge Hill to Upnor train to swim in the Medway (until it was proclaimed unsafe [polio]).
    Bluebells, violets and primroses how I miss these fragrances. Plucking blackberries from the roadside. Pussy Willow along the Lodge Hill to Upnor railway. Fishing for tiddlers with a bent pin for hook, and half a wooden clothes peg for a float in Farmer Gazes pond. The dances and functions that were held in the Lodge Hill Working Mans Club, the fetes held in the cricket ground, fancy dress, the tea time express, swing boats, crowding into a cage that held 10 children to be lifted into the air and swung around by a crane.
    Chattenden School, FM Bennell, head teacher with Mrs Stone and Miss Eames. What a power pack of education, between them they brought us all to fruition, and guided us from the age of 5-11.

    I am now living in Brisbane, Australia but return to England regularly. My father Arthur passed away 3 years
    ago and is interred in All Saints, Frindsbury. My mother is well at the ripe age of 96.

    If any one is interested in contacting me I will only too happy to reply

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