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Faster Broadband For Hoo Peninsula – Your Help Needed

Kent County Council and Medway Council, working in partnership, are aiming for 90% of homes to have superfast broadband access by 2015, and for all to have access to a service of at least 2mb. Some £20m is being invested to make this happen

To achieve this ambition, there is a requirement for broadband service providers to invest and this requires Kent and Medway being able to demonstrate that there is a demand for a better service. As with all supply and demand driven services, the greater the demand, the more interest there will be for private sector investment.

We are asking you to register your demand as it could make all the difference so please register your support here and encourage other users to do the same

To register your vote please clicking here

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3 Responses to Faster Broadband For Hoo Peninsula – Your Help Needed

  1. Colin Nicholls says:

    Just did the KCC survey (link above) Come on everybody fill it in! until BT realise that people actually live out here and get off their fat money making bums we will not get “fibre to the cabinet” which is the only way we will see improved speeds in the villages away from the Allhallows exchange

  2. Ledger White says:

    Current download speed is 1.3 Mb/s. BT’s call centre empolyees say nothing can be done. This is 2012, the year of a £10bn sporting event, I can see Canary Wharf from the village … yet we are still in some kind of digital backwater? A professional from the area says he can raise my speed to 1.8 Mb/s … surely, we should be looking forward to 100 Mb/s … just to catch up with the developed world!

    • Paddy says:

      Just checked mine in Allhallows and it has gone from 1.3 to 6.8MBs over the last year… things may be on the up!

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