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Gardening Club Show Results 2011

Thanks to all who participated in the show. There were 386 exhibits between 43 exhibitors, better than last year & very good bearing in mind the hot Spring & varied summer we had. In addition we would like to thank everyone who helped set up and run the show on the Friday and Saturday.

Winners of the trophies and cups were as follows :-

Section 1 – Vegetables
Cup for most points in section – Dusty Miller
Terry Clarke Trophy – Dusty Miller
Les Shallot Cup – Dusty Miller

Section 2 – Fruit
Plaque for most points in section –
Dusty Miller

Section 3 – Flowers & Pot Plants
Shield for most points in section –
Peter Tyler
Cup for best Chrysanthemum –
Reg Beeching
Plaque for best Pot Plant – Eric Shuter
Hubbard Cup for best Dahlia – Peter Tyler

Section 4 – Domestic
Cup for most points – June Barton

Section 5 – Floral Art
Vase for most points – June Barton
Cup for best exhibit – Hazel Kilburn

Section 6 – Arts & Crafts
Plaque for most points – Dennis Follett

Section 7 – Children under 11
Voucher for best exhibit – Holly Hawkes

Section 8 – Members Plant
Cup – Wendy White

Potato in a Bucket
Voucher for heaviest cumulative weight –
Margaret Shuter

Most Points in Show
Cup – Dusty Miller

Best Exhibit in Show
Sections 1, 2 & 3 –
Jim Marsh Plate – Dusty Miller
Sections 4, 5 & 6 –
Gardening Club Plate – Dennis Follett

Winner of class 31 – Barbara Starrs

Best Effort by New Member
Voucher – Hazel Kilburn

Best Kept Garden
I.V. Uden Shield –
1st – Wendy & Mike White
2nd – Jenny Richardson
3rd – Christine & John Wilson

Best Hanging Basket
Hillman Cup – Mary & Dennis Follett

Best Container
Elizabeth Harris Shield –
Marita & Jim Jones

Top Tray
1st (Gold) – Dusty Miller
2nd (Silver) – Rosemary Collins
3rd (Bronze) – Patricia Richards

Top Vase
1st (Gold) – Rosemary Collins
2nd (Silver) – Gwen Bucknall
3rd (Bronze) – Margaret Shuter

Banksian Medal
Most points in Sections 1, 2 & 3 –
Rosemary Collins

Wendy & Mike White

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