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High Halstow Parish Council Response re Lodge Hill Development Brief

High Halstow Parish Council
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14 October 2011



Initial thoughts having read: –

Lodge Hill Development Brief

Consultation Draft July 2011 received 7 September 2011


What impact would not developing Lodge Hill for housing have on the Peninsula and Medway as a whole?

Land Securities have just announced that October 22nd is the last Public exhibition before its outline planning application is submitted.

We understand that approx 1000 people and 51 groups have been consulted so far. This only represents 0.4 % of Medway’s population! Is this considered enough?

Because of the very nature of the security that has surrounded Lodge Hill in the past it has become one of the riches places in the South East for biodiversity.

Now probably available for development and with very little effort it would make and an ideal addition to Medway’s wildlife sanctuaries being within a mile of The North Kent Marshes and its internationally renowned Ramsar SPAs.

Northwood Hill is home to one of the largest colony of breeding Grey Heron and little egret in Europe who feed on the adjacent North Kent Marshes and rivers Medway and Thames that enclose the peninsula to the North and South. The building, disruption, and general increase of human activity within close proximity will have an impact on this population. What studies have or will be been undertaken to assess any potential damage that may be caused?

Will the findings of studies be concluded before and outline submission is considered.?

How much influence will Medway Council have over the development of Lodge Hill, considering the Local plan will not be in place at the time of outline submission? Can the developer run rough shod over the existing Local plan ?


Page 2

In what way will LH compliment and support nearby settlements?

What advantage will be taken from the existing and emerging industries at Grain and Kingsnorth?

Please define “well connected” in the context of

“Bringing people together and to jobs, schools and services in an efficient, safe, affordable and uplifting way both within the new settlement and between LH and surrounding communities”

Page 5 1.13

Figure 1.6 shows zone around site where impact at LD is likely to be greatest . Is missing?

Same for fig 1.7

Page 8 2.2

Which existing community do you refer?

Page9 2.13

Who will draw up new standards needed?

Page 11


and Page 17

2.49, 50, 51

The Development will be split into multiple packets and sub let to several developers. What guarantees then will be put in place to ensure the developers will meet the needs described?

Where in Medway has this been successful in the past?

 Page 17


What evidence supports statement in 2.52 that Hoo St Werburgh is some sort of rural hub for the peninsula, even in terms of public transport?

High Halstow, Cliffe Woods and Hoo are not all within easy walking and cycling distance. What evidence is there to support this?

We suspect most of the population shop for its main groceries weekly at one of the superstores either inside or outside of Medway or shop via the Internet. They shop for incidentals and top ups at one of the convenience stores in their village.  The notion that rural folk walk or cycle to some imaginary rural hub to collect provisions for the week is condescending and ill thought out.

Page 18


Given you have only consulted 1000 people and not all of these are people from the peninsula what evidence is there that an increase in facilities provided at lodge hill is generally welcome on the peninsula?

What would be welcome is help with an increase in the facility available locally in each of the villages.


In the 70s and 80s it wasn’t the role of the big retailers to support local shopkeepers either and look at what has happened. We lost more community facilities in those two decades then ever before and we could argue that we lost actual community as well as a result!!

It’s the responsibility of individual communities to support local services and the responsibility of the Local Council to support local Communities Rural as well as Urban.

2. 61

Does Land Securities have a social responsibility initiative on any of its existing or previous projects?

Why is this beyond the scope of the planning process? Why should it be left to a trust? A trust, which the planning process recommends that the developer sets up.

Page 22

The Excellent transport links to London are at the expense of the remainder of the Peninsula. One entrance to the peninsula that is home to potentially 25,000 people is a formula for massive traffic congestion.

Lodge hill does not bridge Grain and Kingsnorth with the main urban area. It just brings it close by extending the urban fringe.


Will high speed broadband be available to rest of peninsula?


In this statement the writer concedes Lodge hill will become a commuter town (village sounds idyllic and gives the wrong impression) with its fast links into London.

General:- would like to see economic strategy.

3.14 3.15

What evidence is there that suggests that Lodge hill might attract research and development or industry with high jobs per sq. metre.

The best hope for high employment in Lodge Hill would be to move Medway council offices there.


A food store on the edge of town suggests a super store. Is this what the writer implies?


Would the entrance to the golf course be moved to the chattenden end of the site. ?

Would the Council consider developing the areas outside the proposed foot print and on its own ground?

Is the council considering selling the golf course?


Development has been extensive in the Thames gateway the standard is already set.! What other standards are the writer referring to.?


The Peninsula and wider north Kent corridor has poor air quality Lodge hill should not worsen that.

The Parish Council considers it vital that the complete infrastructure is built before the rest of the development takes place

George Crozer

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