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Highways Agency Highlight Serious Traffic Congestion Re Lodge Hill

In a response by the Highways Agency to the Land Securities planning application they highlight how serious the traffic congestion could be at the junction of the A2 /M2. if plans go ahead to build a new town at Lodge Hill. They also highlight errors in calculations to properly assess traffic volumes.

With only one road on and off the Hoo peninsula, home to some 11,000 residents, Kent’s largest container port and many other road reliant businesses, it is absolutely vital that an accurate assessment of the traffic situation is submitted to the authority. This planning application should be withdrawn and a full detailed consultation undertaken.

The transport assessment indicates that the A2/M2 will suffer a material impact from the proposed development.

Due to errors within the capacity assessments presented of A2 / M2 junction 1, these are not able to be acceptable. These should be reviewed, corrected and revised assessments presented to the Highways Agency.

The assessments currently presented do however indicate that element of the A2 / M2 junction 1, interchange will be overloaded. The transport Assessment has suggested that potentially a ramp metering scheme could be introduced for the A289 approach. A potential layout and assessment of this scheme has not however been presented. If the applicants wish to take forward this option, further details and evidence supporting such a response will need to be provided.

The Transport assessment suggests that the operation of the Junction 1, westbound diverge will be monitored to see whether upgrade is required. It is not clear how the upgrade will be monitored and funded. Therefore further information should be provided.

We also consider that the developer should provide details of the additional trips that are predicted to be generated by the proposed development at M2 junctions 2 and 3, both on the mainline carriageways, the slip roads and turning movements at the junctions. If the development traffic flows at these junctions exceeds 30 two way vehicle trips in an hour, junction and merge / diverge capacity assessments should be undertaken. The requirements is in accordance with the Highways Agency Protocol for dealing with Planning applications.

Click here to read the full submission

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