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Hoo Nat West Branch Under Threat – Have Your Say

Posted on May 4, 2014 8:40 am by admin

NatWest, the bank that likes to say Yes. Not however, it seems, if you’re a resident on the Hoo Peninsula!

We have been informed by Medway Councillor Chris Irvine that despite NatWest, and it’s parent company Royal Bank of Scotland, being bailed out by us, the taxpayers, to the tune of some £46 billion during the disastrous financial collapse in 2008, RBS is set to proceed with plans to close it’s NatWest branch on the Hoo Peninsula in Hoo St Werburgh. There has been no consultation. The decision has seemingly been delivered as a fait accompli.

This decision is extremely concerning. This NatWest branch is the only bank on the whole of the Hoo Peninsula. The decision to pull out of the area without any consultation with either residents, customers or elected representatives to consider the possible alternatives is a completely unacceptable way of doing business.

Medway Councillor Chris Irvine has created an online petition opposing the Hoo Branch closure which you can sign here. He is seeking an urgent meeting with RBS alongside local MP Mark Reckless to discuss the matter

Whilst RBS may well say they will put in place arrangements within local post offices for customers who lose out, there are many elderly and disabled residents, not to mention local businesses, who rely on this branch and who may, due to it’s unique location, be unable to access a full banking service should the Hoo branch be closed.

Rather than closing the Bank perhaps RBS should consider increasing the services available at the branch which maybe better for them as well as the customers it is supposed to be serving

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