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Noise Complaints Southend Airport

Some of you may have noticed that there has been an increase in air traffic recently with additional flights going to Southend. The following link will take you straight to the page where you can register a complaint on the airports operations which they will investigateComments regarding noise at the airport should be made in the first instance to:


If you would like to further contact London Southend Airport regarding noise please use the following contact details:

* By phone: Noise Complaints Hotline 01702 538599

* In writing: LSACL, Southend Airport, Southend on Sea, Essex SS2 6YF

Their aim is to respond in writing to all noise comments within 7 working days. However, in order for any comment to be logged as much information (date, time, location etc.) about the event must be given.

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5 Responses to Noise Complaints Southend Airport

  1. Steve says:


    I have complained about the increase in air traffic, so hence an increase in noise and air pollution, plus the increased risk of bird strikes to Southend Airport twice, no reply, the CAA, no reply, the RSPB for their view, no reply, Medway Council, their reply was to contact the CAA, and I’m currently in correspondence with Theresa Villiers MP, Minister of State for Transport, via Mark Reckless MP, and my view is that nobody really cares what effect the increase in aircraft traffic has had on the residents, wildlife or areas of the Hoo Peninsular.

    Consider what sort of goverment allows large commercial/passenger aircraft to travel over an area that has been under threat of having a major hub airport built on it’s doorstep for well over 40 years now. Not a caring green goverment, that’s for sure. And one that allows aircraft to travel at a minimum height during take off of 1000/1500 feet, as per Southend Airport Noise Action Plan, yet has set the minimum height at Gatwick and Stanstead at 4000 feet. Why are they different? Why can’t the aircraft fly along a path that follows the Thames or out over the Sea during take off and approach? My opinion is the consideration is always financial, shorter routes mean less fuel used, even though “local impact of aircraft noise remains a key issue for the government” according to Theresa Villiers MP. I think not.

    Does anyone remember the Maplin Sands fiasco, dubbed “Heathograd” after Ted Heath tried to force through the building of a hub airport on Maplin Sands?

    I’d urge everyone to make their voice heard. Also, get involved in the consultation regarding the future of aviation in the UK. Feedback to the consultation document closes in October.

    Have fun banging your head against a brick wall. Regards. Steve.

    • Malcolm Coomber says:

      Further on from Steves’ comments;when the guy from the CAA phoned me,he said he new the area well, but did not know that the RSPB had a reserve under the flight path.According to him, it is not marked as such on any aviation charts,hence they can fly at a lower altitude.Perhaps that answers a lot of questions?

  2. Malcolm Coomber says:

    Following on from Georges’ comments,if you want to make a complaint about low flying aircraft,noise etc then the Civil Aviation Authority have an online form that can be filled in to register your complaint.I have used this facility and they will answer your complaint.You actually get to speak to some one,not a recorded message!

  3. left message with community relations southend airport 23.28 06/06/2012 asking for response to complaints re easy jet noise of High Hasltow

  4. George Crozer says:

    EZY 53TW This noisy jet flew low over my house at 13.00 on 27/05/2012 recorded at 92Db C weighted slow response.

    We were never consulted about an increase in air traffic over our village when you asked for planning permission. when i last spoke to your community relations department about a similar incident but late at night i was told that incident was an aircraft of course fro South Africa.

    Can I register this incident as an official complaint.

    George Crozer
    High Halstow
    Rochester Kent
    ME3 8SX

    Chair High Halstow Parish Council

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