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Five girls in the village have been set the challenge of producing a tourist brochure about the place where they live. Over the next few months their contributions will be published in the High Halstow Times as space permits. Their whole brochures will be available on the village website.
Reading two of their brochures has made me realise afresh the fact that we live in a great village. Unfortunately, we do not always appreciate fully what is on our doorsteps or make use of the facilities offered to us by such a great army of volunteers. I would like to say “Thank You” to all those who give so willingly of their time and effort to provide us with activities and services for all age groups. Very often, that work goes unnoticed and unreported but they still carry on “seeking no reward.”

PLEASE NOTE that some, but not all, of the comments, telephone numbers and names mentioned in the
brochures are imaginary but the perspective of our village from a young person’s point of view is very refreshing.

Di Welch

Brochures as follows:

Ellie Curtis

Madeline Harris

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