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Save Deangate Ridge Golf Club

Overview & Scrutiny Committee Meeting March 12th St Georges Centre

March 2018

Closure of Deangate Golf Course

Please sign the petition to Save Deangate Ridge Golf Course by clicking here

Today a letter has been sent to the Cabinet Members and Ward Councillors requesting a postponement due to various breaches of Corporate Governance.


Message from George Crozer, High Halstow Parish Chairman

Thank you to everyone that came to Deangate Ridge on Saturday. It was fitting that a large number of us (circa 200 did someone count?) were children. This is all about them and their future. The next big opportunity for us to collectively shout loudly will be on Tuesday at 4.15pm at the Council offices Gun Wharf. Ron Sands, Hoo Parish Council, has organised a coach to take people in and bring them back. The coach will leave the village Hall in Hoo around 15.40 pm If you have transport and are prepared to take someone please start your journey from the Village Hall at around 15.40pm too George. Any problems call me 07711 432598

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2 Responses to Save Deangate Ridge Golf Club

  1. Steve Burt says:

    Deangate Golf Course Closure
    Despicable ! this amenity was originally laid down by the Royal engineers and British petroleum in concjunction with the then local authority Strood Rural & District Council providing the residents of Medaway and surrounding areas with a pay and play gold course.

    Again Medway have chosen to remove amenities and services paid for by tax payers and others without full consultation with area and local residents before taking action to remove an important facility.

    Surely the closure of the BP Cricket & Football Club was also un-necessary again this development has bee fully supported by local authority who has lost touch with the residents they claim to serve ?.

  2. Richard Burke says:

    This action appears to be the result of a deliberate long term plan to run down a business to enable justification for closure

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