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The Names

The Names

Cpl Wilfred Baker
A.M Reginald Bance
Pte Christopher Beaumont
Pte Frank Bell
Dr Albert Bell
Dr Arthur Cook
Pte Albert Cook
Pte Walter Cook
Pte William Cook
Gnr Colin Cooper
S.Srg Eric Cross
Srg Norman Cross
Pte Walter Fritter
Pte Edward Fritter
Pte William Fritter
Pte Arthur Fritter
Pte Herbert Godden
Pte Henry Godden
Gnr Wilfred Godden
Pte Frederick Graves
Pte Duncan Graves
Gnr Stephen Graves
Lieut Edward Harland
Lewis Hillier
Cpl Arthur Jewell
Sgt Alfred King
Pte Earl Knight
Gnr Montague Knight
Pte William Lodge
Pte Harry May
Pte Wilfred Munday
Pte Ernest Munday
Dr Harold Munn
Cpl Ronald Munn
Cpl Frederick Munn
Bmdr Phillip Munn
Trimm William Ostler
Dr Albert Paine
A.B. John Pratt
Pte Solomon Pratt
Lce. Cpl Edmund Pratt
Pte William Smith
Pte Harold Smith
Pte Stanley Smith
Gnr Jesse Snowdon
Pte John Springall
Pte William Springall
Pte William Stapley
Fn James Stapley
Cpl William Stockbridge
A.B. George Trice
Pte Frederick Waghorn
Fn Herbert Waghorn
Pte Lewis Wellard
Pte George Willis

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