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What will Lodge Hill mean for High Halstow

I guess it depends on what you are expecting but here are the main points as far as I can see that will affect High Halstow. Please see the plan above

  • 4 to 5000 houses.
  • 3 New Primary Schools.( including the existing one at Chattenden)
  • A new secondary school.
  • 2 Hotels.
  • A town centre with retail outlets a supermarket and industrial area.
  • A country park.
  • One of two main entrances from Dux Court Road.
  • Both access points emerge onto A228 (top of Four Elms Hill and Dux Court)

The whole development will sit in the valley that runs westward from Dux Court Road up to and including Chattenden village. You wont be able to see it from the bypass but it will be visible from Dux Court Road and High Halstow. There will be two main connections into the development, one at the western end at the top of Four Elms Hill and one at the eastern end onto Dux Court Road. No other entrances are proposed.

It is proposed that Lodge Hill will be linked to the Medway Town and its communication links by a “fast-track “ transport system, which may incorporate Hoo.  Linking the other villages on the peninsula would make journey times un-acceptable instead it is likely that the existing busses will run into Lodge Hill forming a hub for onward Journeys.

The Developers are currently in consultation with Natural England to minimize the impact on the ecologically sensitive areas that surround the site and the wider North Kent Marshes with their Special protection Areas so fundamental in recent times with proposals for an estuary airport.

It is extremely important that we as a community involve ourselves in the ongoing process so that we can achieve the very best for the present and future residents of High Halstow.

I very much hope that Land Securities will be able to attend our Parish Annual Meeting in April where they will be able to expand on their proposals and the impact they will have on High Halstow.

If you have comments or concerns and are unable to attend the meeting please let me know as soon as possible that your view can be properly represented.



07711 432598

Woodlands Northwood Ave High Halstow ME3 8SX

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