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Wilfred Munday

Wilfred was in the North West Kents in India. He was born in 1898 at Clinch Street, High Halstow and died in Hoo on 11th October 1987. he worked for the Kent River Catchment Board and also Berry Wiggins where he worked until well over his retirement age. His son lives in Hoo.

Wilfred Munday

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One Response to Wilfred Munday

  1. Hazel Owen says:

    Thank you so much for this photo of my grandad Wilfred Munday. Iv’e never seen one of him as a young man in uniform before.

    Ernest Munday was his brother and his nephew (my grandad’s son who is mentioned) died approx 4 years ago but his daughter Freda is now living in Spain). Could you please tell me where the photo is hanging, I’d love to see it properly.

    Kind regards, Hazel Owen.

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