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Bus Shelter

The Parish Council are keen to hear from you with regard to your views on a new bus shelter to be put in Christmas Lane, near the Heron sign. Do you think this should be the next bus shelter to be added/replaced? Do you think it is a good idea? etc.

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3 Responses to Bus Shelter

  1. Tracey Gubby says:

    I would strongly like to see a bus shelter here as there are a number of school children including my daughter who use this every morning and have to suffer the wind and rain whilst jumping out of the way of passing cars who are not considerate enough to avoid the puddles which then soak them! In view of the current bad weather and more to come PLEASE give this serious consideration? I would like to state that I too would like the shelter to be in keeping with the high standards we all strive hard to maintain in our lovely village and for consideration to be given to those people whose houses it will be seen from. Thank you

  2. Roy Walsh says:

    I think it would be a good idea to have a new bus stop especially people who do not drive and because of age have difficulty to walk when they live in the area of Willowbank Drive. It would be easier to reach the new shop.

  3. Terry Aldrich says:

    In the past bus shelters erected in the village have been “second-hand” which have not given a particularly good impression of our village. Is this going to be the case again? Also I would like to point out that before another bus shelter is erected could the existing shelter on The Street be repaired? I live opposite this shelter, which is in a poor state of repair, and have to put up with hearing the roof bang about in high winds.

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