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Skateboard Park

The Parish Council have been asked by a young member of the public to consider whether a skateboard park could be built for the youth in the village. What do you think? Where could it go? etc. Please let us know your views

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31 Responses to Skateboard Park

  1. Jill/Alex says:

    We write to lodge our objection to a skateboard park in the village. The noise pollution, which incidentally would not miraculously cease at dusk, would be a source of constant nuisance to local residents of the site and the average age groups and probable vandalism this type of venue would attract – from neighbouring villages, also – far outweighs any ‘benefits’ to our local youngsters and is definately not a necessity. The idea of a graffitti area is appalling. Artistic tendacies should be confined to paper or canvas.

  2. Graham and Janice White says:

    We agree with both Jenny Duckworth ( March 15, 2012 at 11:30 am ) and Jane (August 2, 2012 at 9:49 pm ).

    Our son and his friends currently use a hump in the pavement in Northwood Avenue to pratice on their scooters. It would be far safer if there was a small bowl in the recreation ground.

    We don’t agree with Matt Stuteleys comment’s in the High Halstow Times against the skate park as there is nothing to stop girls using it if they want too and, as for it being limited to boys between the age of ten and sixteeen – well aren’t there age restrictions on the exisiting aparatus in the park?

    We don’t believe the scooters are a flash in the pan and a small skate park would be a good way for the boys (and girkls) to keep fit, away from the traffic and socialise with their friends. Skateboarders could also use it.

  3. Julie says:

    Our house looks over the green area off Gypsy Way, and selfishly, I would prefer the skate park not to be sited there. This is a more natural bit of green space with trees, to be enjoyed by all, and should be kept that way.
    The Recreation ground seems the logical location for a skate park, keeping all facilities together.

  4. Steve says:


    This is only my personal opinion, but I don’t believe building a skateboard park in High Halstow is a good idea.

    A referendum should be held to find out if the majority of residents want a skatebord park.

    If it’s decided yes and can be funded without extra financial burden to the residents, then the green area by Gypsy Way is definitely not the place to build it. When the estate was built, it was a requirement of the planning process to have a certain percentage of green space and so this area should remain green space.

    Nor does it need to be flood lit.

    If a footpath could be created from High Halstow to Deangate as part of the project, then this would appear to be the ideal choice of area. A footpath would also have a secondary benefit to all the residents. There is public footpath access from Christmas Lane to Deangate Sports Ground, so perhaps this could be improved.

    If a footpath cannot be created or improved, then the park close to the existing play area appears to be the next choice or is there a more suitable area on the outskirts of the village?

    These are just my thoughts. Thanks. Steve.

  5. Jane says:

    This may seem a random observation but I think we are all forgetting that teenagers don’t (unless their parents move here) just appear in our communities as teenagers and I find the continued demonisation of teenagers, who in this instance happen to be our children distasteful.

    Give those younger children in the play park 10 years and they will be the teenagers you are complaining about.

    The new residents within the new estates are happy to take the attitude of “not in my back yard” but no doubt are happy to use the facility available within the main part of the village. Just as well this attitude was not prevalent when the village hall and park were being formed.

    If you moved here for village life then embrace the village community and consider all its residents from newborn to 100………


  6. I am against a skate park in High Halstow, and especially on the green off half moon way, as this is very residential and overlooked by houses. I think a skate park would attract teenagers who would cause a noise issue with local residents and vandalisation, also the teenagers would put younger children off using the skate park.

  7. Jane says:

    I fully support the request for a skatepark (or equivalent hard surface with ramps, bumps etc) and have been impressed with the recent request and supporting arguments made by the youngsters in High Halstow. My son and his friends went through the same process in 2005/2006 but then the only audience was George Croser who all but promised them a Skate Park.

    Its also safe to say it is not simply to support “this years must have” but as already mentioned provide a surface for a huge range of 2,3 and 4 wheeled bikes trikes etc.

    The park would seem the best location, it is after all the central play area.

    Lets hope this time the youngsters get their skate park, they should have had one for the past 6 years……..

    Harrison Drive

  8. Ian says:

    Having read the comments regarding the Skateboard Park, I am of the opinion that it is not really necessary in High Halstow. Granted, there are a lot of the small scooters around at the moment, but that seems to be this years must have, they are everywhere ! To build a skate park would be a very expensive undertaking, and I would think the funds could be better spent elsewhere. If it were to be built, the best place would be the recreation ground, not on the Estate itself. Just imagine if you bought a house with a lovely green and view outside, only to have it spoilt by an ugly structure full of youngsters every night and weekend. The noise alone would be a nuisance. It is a fact of life that a group of youngsters make a lot of noise ! I don’t necessarily object to a skate park, but the location and cost must be very carefully considered. And what about Health and Safety in this day and age !
    As to graffiti, that does not belong anywhere.

  9. Paul says:

    First of all, I don’t think anyone is “fighting” for it!

    If it’s at Deangate, it won’t be used, defeating the object of having it in the first place.

    I agree that the green on Gypsy way may not be the best place though. I am one of the VERY few people that live clear view of both locations.

    In my opinion, the park is the best place and am looking forward to a sensible discussion about it at the Parish Council meeting in September. It’s a shame that some people have made their minds up based on the assumption that the young people in our village are all criminals.

    Maybe we should invite representatives from other villages where they have been installed so that we can learn from their experiences? George?

  10. Brian Williams says:

    A skateboard park may be a good idea but its location is of paramount importance.
    Any thought of it being located on the green by gypsy way is totally unexceptable.
    I moved on to the estate because of its locallity / looks and peaceful nature.
    as I believe did the vast majority of residents
    A park on it is not repeat NOT in the interests of its residents.
    And I for one will fight it till the very end
    Put it down at dean gate out the way

  11. Dan Stephenson says:

    Hi George,
    I think a village skate park is a very good idea, as mentioned, it can be used by many different sports.
    Having had to cycle to Gillingham Skate Park ‘back in the day’ I think that you would be surprised to see how many people will make use of it.
    Going by the contact you have had so far, you will notice, going by the age and replies – these kids deserve it – safer than the curb side.

    Dan Stephenson
    Harrison Drive

  12. Paul says:

    The problem with Deangate is that it’s not easily accessible. I doubt many parents would relish the idea of their children walking/riding along Dux Court Road!

    Skateparks are routinely used by all ages, from very young ones learning to ride bikes, scooters, roller skates, etc, right up to teenagers. The interesting fact here is that all these age groups generally use the facility at the same time, without any issue. I can’t think of many facilities that would allow

    The other thing that you are very unlikely to find at a skatepark is graffiti. Have a drive around the villages around here that have them, I doubt you’ll find any at all.

    Also, I’m not sure how providing a safe place for the children of the village to play is encouraging criminal behaviour! We don’t live in an inner city slum – skateparks are not the root of all evil!

    It is up to us as community to encourage and guide the young people of the village to make the right choices in life, teaching them to stereotype is certainly not the way forward.

    I really hope that this can become a reality in whatever form it takes. I’m sure that the uncertain few that oppose this will be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact this will have in the village.

  13. Sue says:

    If Dux Court tennis courts aren’t being used that seems like a good place for skate ramps; it could be used by High Halstow and Hoo youth giving them all a better opportunity to share and learn from each other, more opportunity to keep fit getting there, short walk, no parents need to transport them. No way should there be somewhere to spread graffiti, its criminal damage and we would be encourage children to break the law.

  14. Adam White says:

    Hi, a skate park would be a brillant idea, because it keeps us off the streets and when we go to practice tricks elsewhere, we get told to clear off. Where can we put it? Next to the basketball pitch or next to the childrens playground would be a great idea! What’s bad about it, when children can have fun, socialise and keep fit at the same time?
    Yours sincerely,
    Adam White (age 11)

  15. Valerie Plummer says:

    I think a skate park is a brilliant idea and wondered if anyone has considered the facilities at Deangate, in Dux Court Rd. where the running track is? There are 2 tennis courts which are quite dilapidated and little used which surely could be put to better use.

    I dont see many if any skate boards around High Halstow ?? Where is the need for a skate board park? Who would use it? What is a skate board park it sounds big?

    Why dont you identify a couple of skate board parks you would like to have. I dont want you to suggest which one to go and see. I would like you to take me and some of the Parish Councillors to see what you do at a skate board park.?


    • Lewis & Owen Duckworth says:

      Hi George,

      It may be called a Skateboard Park, but they are used buy BMXs, Scooters, Skateboards & roller skates/blades.

      On a sunny afternoon (and some not so sunny afternoons!) you will see many scooters around the village.

      They don’t take up too much space, generally less than a single tennis court – a lot of villages that have skate parks have converted a tennis court as they are very inefficient use of space – only up to four people at a time as opposed to 15-20 on a skate park.

      As you know, many people drive their cars too fast around the village and often reverse out of their drives without looking. If it wasn’t for our good road sense, there could have been several accidents by now.

      Scooters, skateboards and roller blades do not work on grass, so we have to play on the smooth pavements around the village.

      Our favourite “village” skate park is in Cliffe – we would be more than willing to take you there and show you what we can do!

      Lewis & Owen

  17. Rob Evans says:

    Hello again,

    If the skatepark is a bad idea due to noise there is some information on this link about the ramp surfaces:



    Rob Evans

  18. High Halstow Parish Council says:

    Comment posted on behalf of Rob Evans and Alex Smith (Aged 14 and 11)

    Earlier in 2011 we asked for a local skatepark to be built in the park or on the green outside Gypsy Way.
    We know for a fact that plenty of youths, teens and adults would like a skatepark to be built within High Halstow, there are many reasons why we would like a skatepark such as:

    We are repeatedly being asked to stay away/ told off for playing on public footpaths on our scooters/skateboards.
    A skatepark would be a great destination for friends to meet up and learn new tricks from eachother as for some tricks you need a ramp to perform.
    A skatepark would also encourage youths to become active and stay out of mischief.
    I have heard that some people in High Halstow would like a football cage and a swimming pool although we have a football apparatus in High Halstow park and we also have a local swimming pool in Hoo.
    The youths of High Halsow would be very thankful if the council would proceed with a skatepark.
    Many thanks,
    Rob Evans And Alex Smith
    Age: 14 and 11

  19. Rob Evans says:


    There are a couple of locations to place the skatepark such as the recreational ground (park) and the green outside gypsy way.

    In my opinion the park would be a perfect location for the skatepark because it is in the centre of High Halstow making the skatepark easy to get to for all youths of the village.

    I and a few other children have asked residents within the village their opinions on building the skatepark and, roughly, 7/10 people said that it was a great idea – only on a couple of occasions did somebody say it was a waste of time and money.

    I believe that this skatepark would be a great investment because it is a healthy place for youths to gather and exercise thereby getting off xbox’s and playstations.

    By building the skatepark out of wood from sustainable sources we can aim to offset our carbon footprint.
    Also wood is not only cheaper than concrete but it’s flexibility makes it safer.

    Within the skatepark there could be a designated graffiti area for youths and teens to express their art work thus cutting down on graffiti around the village.

    Many Thanks,
    Rob Evans
    Age 14

  20. Jenny Duckworth says:

    My two boys are passionate about scootering. They practice for hours learning new tricks and skills. As a family we visit various skateparks including ones that have been installed in villages such as our own – Meopham, Istead Rise and Culverstone Green. These are basic recreation areas that in one corner have a small skatepark enabling young people of various ages to spend their free and precious time.

    I feel sad that my two boys who choose scootering as a hobby with friends are only able to utilise local kerb stones in High Halstow, which as most of the society would agree with me is dangerous.

    I understand the parish concerns when considering such a piece of equipment for our young people but I feel there are too many positives for it not to be considered.

    Having worked with young people in the past I have witnessed the young people’s approach when using the skateparks. They are given the opportunity to interact with all ages showing understanding of ability, manners and working out what and when things are appropriate. You don’t often see a 14 year helping/ teaching a younger child a new trick or skill. All of these take some adults a good few years to work out.

    Learning to share is one of of greatest things we can learn in this short life, but these young boys and girls seem to learn this quickly otherwise the area fails. Many people are able to use a relatively small area at once, making it a very efficient use of space, unlike something such as a tennis court. It works!!!!

    Society is forever moving forward – we need to keep our young people motivated and interested in things that are healthy and challenging.

    When we moved to High Halstow it was attractive because it was so community orientated, providing something for everyone.

    I do not believe that a skatepark will lower the tone of High Halstow, only enhance it. Giving young people activities instead of having to group on roads. It will teach them how to work together and look after each other and protect their own environment.

    I hope to be able to attend the next parish council meeting to discuss this further.


    Jenny Duckworth

    • Alex Smith says:

      I would like to know if this skate park idea is going forward . Me and my mates Have asked some of the public in high halstow and all of them have answered with a yes . Also me and some others have started making a poster for a fundraising scooter competition at high halstow park , it costs a pound to enter and there will be a prize for the winner . All we need now is a number that people can call to enter and the date of the competition . We would like as much help and people to be involved in this as possible so please could you reply if you want to either take part or help out with this fundraising event .

  21. High Halstow Parish Council says:

    The Parish Council are still seeking views and would like to find a solution that finds a way forward for all on this subject

  22. lisa Gilbert says:


    I think there should be a skate park in High Halstow because it will encourage all the children around the village to get out and get fit and plus we don’t have anything like this at the moment. My brother and I have just got scooters and would really love somewhere like this in the village.

    Thank you

    Luke Gilbert (age 9)

  23. Luke Gilbert says:


    I think there should be a skate park in High Halstow because it will encourage all the children around the village to get out and get fit and plus we don’t have anything like this at the moment. My brother and I have just got scooters and would really love somewhere like this in the village.

    Thank you

    Luke Gilbert (age 9)

  24. lewis gilbert says:


    I agree with all comments, I have just got my own scooter and every time we find some where to play we end up being asked to move on when we are innocently playing. It would be nice for the children of High Halstow to have a skate park because the nearest park in at Cascades near Gravesend and we would need to rely on our parents to ferry us to and from the park, which would cause air pollution as we would need to drive there and back.

    If the skate park was in the village it would not only keep the village children off the streets and safe from playing on the side of the roads and maybe someone getting injured in front of a car or bus.

    I really think the village needs somewhere for us kids to ‘Hang Out’ and be with our friends, and we do not want to upset the residents of High Halstow. All we want is for everyone to be happy and safe.

    Many Thanks

    Lewis Gilbert (age 12)

  25. Adam White says:

    I agree with all the above comments. Having a skate park would be very beneficial and would keep children out of mischief. Many children in the village enjoy being out and about using Bmx bikes, scooters and skateboards, so having a permanent place where they can play would enable children to meet new friends (with the same hobbies), and practice/learn new tricks. I also agree with Jarrad, having a range of different sized ramps (small-large) would be great as it can be used by all ages.
    A good place to have it would be next to the basketball hoop/ football area.

    Adam White
    (Age 10)

  26. Jarrad Turner says:

    About the suggestion of a skate park. I understand that some people may worry about the safety side of a skate park. A skate park is not just for skate boards, BMX bikes and stunt scooters can also do tricks on the ramps etc in a ”skate Park” .If the users are careful and take time to practice the risks if getting harmed can be quite low, also if smaller ramps as well as big ramps are built then the park can be used by people of all ages and abilities. I can’t think of a better way of keeping us busy than a skate park. I agree with Joel about the health benefits and I feel very strongly that anything that gets kids moving is good. As for a suggestion of location, I also can think of a number of places in the recreation ground that are suitable. Next to the childrens play area, by the basket ball hoop and next to cricket pitch are big enough.
    I really hope the parish council will give this request a good thought, as there is lot of kids who think the same.

    Jarrad Turner
    10 Years old

  27. Joel Turner says:

    I think the skate park would be great idea, I was wanting to ask the Parish Council myself. Lots of my friends ride BMX Bikes and scooters that can also use a skate park. I think a skate park would be a good way of keeping children out of mischief, and make us all fit. My mum says the Press is full of warnings about children leading unhealthly lifestyles, I think that a skate park would really motivate us to get moving, grab some fresh air and socialise. I am sure that the area near the cricket pitch could fit a skate park and that everyone in the village could have fun even if they just go to watch.

    Joel Turner
    8 Years old

  28. Gary Thomas says:

    Hello, for the skate park you could visit ‘gravity skate parks’ also you
    could fit the skate park either next to the basketball hoop/ football goal
    or next to the child’s play area, I am sending this email for a big group
    of boys and girls around my age (9-16), we have also spoken about a
    graffiti area as it would keep a lot of people out of mischief.
    Your sincerely,
    Rob Evans, 13 years old

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