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Cinderella 19/02/09

WELL!! a trans gender giant with an excruciating ugly sister, a heinously wicked stepmother. A prince and ‘man’ servant fit to raise the blood pressure! A butler who may be signed for the next 007 movie. Policemen and bailiffs to terrify any crook or debtor. Financially strapped aristocracy, refined royalty and a worryingly realistic village idiot! (I heard ‘Zits’ first of all but could not believe that the producer could be that cruel!).. Cooks, market traders and postmen all plugging the ‘farmers market’. Ghosts especially ‘drafted’ in from the churchyard. Throw in a couple of impromptu appearances from sweaty stagehands and MAGIC WAS MADE

Some admirable acting, delectable dancing, stylish singing (with one voice that would not go amiss on a west end stage) Good props and an enthusiastic production.

All this pooled from the rich vein of thespian and musical talent oozing through the Hoo Peninsular!

I nearly forgot to mention the prompt. Having been prompted by Lesley a few times, woe betide the poor trembling bit part actor who hesitates or stumbles over a line!!

As good an evening as could be wished for from an amateur drama group brimming with talent, enthusiasm and happiness.

At £4.00 a ticket (£5.50 at the Village Shop) oops! You could not go wrong.

I look forward to their next production which I am reliably informed will be Ian Fleming’s Moonraker staring Fred Beringer as 007 and George Crozer as Plenty O’Toole!!!


Derek Baker February 2009


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