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Relief In Need

This charity exists to assist those in the village who are in need, especially widows and widowers. The trustees wish to remind the people of the parish that they will give consideration to any request for a particular need at any time during the year.

All requests are dealt with in complete confidence and there is no need to wait for the October form. To apply or for further details, please approach one of the Trustees listed below.

The Trustees are:
Rev Stephen Gwilt, The Rectory.
Mrs M. Bufford, 34 Christmas Lane.
Mr J. Myatt, Eende Kooy Decoy Hill Road.
Mr B. Prichard, 9 Drayton Close.
Mrs J. Gillies, 22 Leaman Close.
Mrs C. Peek. 2 Willowbank Drive.
Or contact the High Halstow Relief In Need admin email: office.hhrin@gmail.com
Your emailed request will be passed on to the Trustees.

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