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Southend Airport Consultation

“Southend Airport are Changing Flight Paths Over the Peninsula ”

They are putting in place a beacon system to be able to guide aircraft into land without the use of their existing radar ( vectoring) system. Initially it will be used as a back up safety feature as not all aircraft using the airport are equipped with the technology.

The becon route will guide aircraft in over Hoo and between Cliffe and Cliffe Woods.

The traffic we are seeing today is about 50% of the total allowable flights so it is possible that we will see an increase in existing traffic with appropriately 10% of that traffic using the new beacon route.

The allowable height for aircraft flying over the peninsula is not changing.

The consultation for the Parish Council closes 19th September.. if you want to express your views please respond ASAP via clerk@highhalstow.org.uk

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