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William Stockbridge

William was born in Scotland in 1887 and was in Transport during the war. He was a driver for the secret service dropping and picking up agents behind enemy lines. He died in Allhallows on 29th April 1938. He has a son living in the village

William Stockbridge

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One Response to William Stockbridge

  1. High Halstow Parish Council says:

    Published on behalf of Doug Stockbridge

    When I was in the village visiting my father two weeks ago I was looking through the
    recent copy of the High Halstow Times. This led me today, during a slack period at
    work, to log on to the village website. In the blog I came across the paragraph on
    the Memorial Hall and the Plaque. As it is over 40 years since I was last inside the
    hall I had a look at the picture of the plaque and saw my Grandfather William
    Stockbridge’s name.

    I then read through the printed list of names to find it linked to a photograph of
    him in uniform, a photograph I don’t remember seeing before, but maybe my memory is
    not what it used to be. Reading through the text associated with the photograph I
    noticed that it says that he was born in Scotland. In fact following research into
    the family tree I have discovered that the Stockbridge family were Cumbrian farmers
    going back to 16th Century and maybe earlier.

    William was in fact born at Scaleby near Carlisle, North of Hadrians Wall but round
    about six miles South of the Scottish border. He could however,my father tells me,
    sing with a strong Scottish accent after a drink or two. He moved South with his
    parents and siblings some time in the period 1901 – 1911 and settled on the Hoo
    peninsular via Essex. William’s brother Thomas was killed in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and
    is commemorated on the Basra war memorial while another brother Robert lived in High
    Halstow in the cottages opposite the church.

    Doug Stockbridge

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