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19th October 2018

Is this the shape of things to come. It wasn’t Friday 13th but it certainly felt like it for villagers who were stuck in long traffic queues trying to leave the peninsula. An overturned lorry caused delays for motorists after it shed its load of soil.

The HGV overturned on the Four Elms roundabout shortly before 5am. The A228 Four Elms Hill Southbound was closed as a result. Some people never got to work, others missing medical appointments. This is one of the reasons why our Neighbourhood Plan is so important. Please support the Neighbourhood Plan as this will benefit all who live in High Halstow.

Perhaps Medway Council Planing Committee will finally take into account the situation in just agreeing to build more and more houses on the peninsula will only make the situation worse if there is no improvement to the infrastructure. You don’t need any special planning qualifications, just the use of your eyes and an ounce of common sense and to stop using your failure to have a proper housing plan in place as an excuse to make the peninsula suffer.


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